Broken Bounty System Needs Balancing

Bogus? Brilliant? Bonkers? The discussion over the bounty system continues as we are reaching the mid point of the split. In case you missed it, Doublelift went on twitter this past week taking a stand against the bounty system. His argument is concentrated around the controversy of receiving a bounty when you are 0-0-0. reading Broken Bounty System Needs Balancing

Week 2 Fiesta Recap: Winners and Losers

Week 2 is officially in the books, and we find ourselves at an interesting moment in the split. With a 2-2 record, 6 teams find themselves in third place. This tie creates an interesting narrative moving forward as each team has the chance to differentiate themselves from the middle of the pack. TL has managed … Continue reading Week 2 Fiesta Recap: Winners and Losers