Here we go again! Day 1 Week 1

Holy Gaucomole! Today is the day! Day 1 of the LCS summer split begins today, and I could not be more excited! MSI was a great substitution for the normal fiesta games of NA, but I am ready for the craziness to ensue as we watch the first games of the split!

Several teams have made main roster swaps including Echo Fox, 100 Thieves, and CLG. So, the split should be interesting as other teams hopefully will be more competitive for the summer *cough cough I’m looking at you 100 Thieves*.

With that said, let’s look at the games that are occurring this weekend.

Match Predictions Day 1:

  • C9 vs FLY – C9WIN
  • TL vs TSM – TSMWIN
  • CLG vs 100 – 100WIN
  • OPT vs CG – CGWIN

Since I am writing this today, I will save me some time and not go through every match. However, I am most excited for the TSM vs TL rematch (duh) and the CLG vs 100 Thieves game. TSM went 2-0 against TL in the regular spring split, and while TL had a great run at MSI making it to the finals, TSM is a strong team that will get the win today. As for CLG vs 100 Thieves, I am excited to see their main roster play with the substitutions they made in jungle and mid. Considering that Aphro and Bang have had plenty of time to gel and Ssumday has always been a beast, I think they will be way more competitive this split compared to last.

I am going to hold off on Day 2 predictions until all of the teams play today! But I will update this tomorrow as I consider each team tonight!

Thanks for reading y’all! Have a great first day of La Casa De Fiesta!

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