LCS Semi-Finals Predictions

It’s finally here. The showdown that we have all been waiting for starts in less than 24 hours.

A best of 5 between C9 and TSM is going to be epic as both teams are arguably the best teams in the LCS. Sorry TL, y’all goofed in the last part of the split!

The semi-finals have come down to two Bo5 series featuring TL vs FLY and C9 vs TSM. Let’s go ahead and talk about Team Liquid vs FlyQuest.

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

I wanted to start with this game because I believe the outcome of the match is more easy to predict. Although I said that TL had fallen off at the end of the split, they are still a better team than FlyQuest. All of their players were selected for the LCS All Pro teams for good reason. Doublelift and CoreJJ form the best bot lane duo this league has seen in a long time – perhaps ever. There is plenty of good individual talent, smart shotcalling, and determined confidence on this team that I cannot imagine a world where FlyQuest upset the reigning LCS champs. However, there are a lot of good comments that can be made about the underdogs. Pobelter has been in super saiyan mode recently spurring his team to a 3-2 victory over GGS in their first playoff Bo5. WildTurtle and Santorin greatly contribute to their win conditions on hyper carries and early-snowball junglers, respectively. They have also shown that they come into games with good preparation that challenges their opponents in both the pick/ban phase and on the rift. Plus, they have gained so many fans this split due to their brotherly love for each other – all of their players are so kind and loving towards their teammates and fans. This increase in fanboys will certainly mean that plenty of people will be cheering for the underdogs.

Ultimately, Team Liquid wins this Bo5 3-1. FlyQuest wins one game against TL, but I think that this victory will be fairly decisive.

C9 vs TSM

I am so hyped for this matchup. Both of these teams have shown considerable growth throughout the split especially TSM. Many people thought that the current iteration of TSM was not going to do well when they suffered early losses in the split. Then, Akaadian announced one week that their wrath would be swift, and indeed it was. They absolutely dominated the last half of the split. Only one game ended in a loss, and to whom did they lose? You guessed it – Cloud 9.

Analyzing the matchup by lane vs lane, every player for both squads matchup almost perfectly to their counterpart. Perhaps Licorice has an edge in the top lane against BB. Bjergsen definitely has an edge in the mid lane against Nisqy. But, my point is that each of these teams have shown similar strengths and playstyles. Thus, I predict this matchup going either way based on two areas on the rift. First, the jungle. Which jungler will make a greater impact on the series? Both junglers like to play through their lanes and enable their carries to do just that – carry the game. Second, will C9 handle the obvious strength that is Bjergsen? Bjergsen’s champion pool is so deep that there is no way for C9 to prepare for all of the possible champions that he could play. However, if they can concoct a strategy that disables Bjergsen, they have a much greater chance to win the series. But, if TSM correctly counters C9’s plan, then Bjergsen carries this game for TSM.

C9 has beat TSM twice this split. However, I think this is TSM’s time to arrive at finals. I predict a TSM 3-2 win over C9.

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