LCS Week 9 Match Predictions

Ahh I am late for my match predictions!

The last week of the split is here, and there are a couple interesting game that remain. Let’s get into it!

Match Predictions Day 1:

  • GGS vs OPT – GGS 55%: OPT 45% – GGSWIN
  • TL vs FOX – TL 65%: FOX 35% – TLWIN
  • TSM vs CG – TSM 75%: CG 25% – TSMWIN
  • C9 vs FLY – C9 60%: FLY 40% – C9WIN
  • CLG vs 100 – CLG 50%: 100 50% – 100WIN
  1. Both of these teams are playing around the same skill level. GGS has a better high than Optic though so I am going to give this one to GGS.
  2. Echo Fox has been playing extremely well since the return of Rush, and although I believe that TL secure the win, this game could be closer than Team Liquid fans would like it to be. At the end of the day, I think TL are hungry for a win after losing to FlyQuest. Plus, they have TSM on day 2 so this match will be a good warm-up for Doublelift and company.
  3. TSM will absolutely smash Clutch Gaming. CG are playing with some changes in the roster. They have shifted Piglet to mid and brought in their ADC to play with Vulcan. Why did they take out Damonte? I have no idea. Like I said, TSM should smash CG.
  4. There is a world where FlyQuest beats the two best teams in the region back-to-back. However, that world is not in this galaxy. Cloud 9 will beat FlyQuest in a close game.
  5. So. This match will be interesting. 100 Thieves announced yesterday that they are moving in 4 of their academy players to play with Bang. Having watched a few of their academy games, I actually like their chances playing against CLG, which is why I am calling an upset here. CLG are playing with a lot of pressure to keep themselves in playoff contention. Meanwhile, this roster of 100 Thieves is playing pressure free. I think they upset CLG.

Match Predictions Day 1:

  • FLY vs GGS – FLY 65%: GGS 35% – FLYWIN
  • CG vs FOX – CG 35%: FOX 65% – FOXWIN
  • C9 vs CG – C9 75%: CG 25% – C9WIN
  • TSM vs TL – TSM 45%: TL 55% – TLWIN
  • 100 vs OPT – 100 45%: OPT 55% – OPTWIN

The game we have been waiting for is finally here – the rematch of TSM and TL. There has been plenty of trash talk between the fans of both organizations as everyone is so hyped for this match. As long as Impact does not play Yorick or Kennen in the top lane, I give this match to Team Liquid. TSM is strong, but CoreJJ will carry this game through his excellent shotcalling.

Let’s hope for a brilliant last week of the LCS! Thanks for reading!

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