5 Thoughts Before Week 9

The last week of the split is upon us!

With just 10 more games remaining in the regular split and only 2 playoff spots up for grabs, we are looking at an intense finish for GGS, OPT, FOX, CLG, and CG. Three of these teams – FOX, CLG, and OPT – have the same record and are tied for sixth place. Meanwhile, Clutch Gaming are one game behind them and GGS are one game ahead of them.

We couldn’t have asked for a more interesting finish to the split. In fact, the race for the last two playoff spots is not the only entertaining material this weekend. We also have the repeat showdown of Team Liquid vs TSM, which should be a closer game compared to the first time they played each other.

With all this in mind, I am going to give you my final thoughts going into week 9.

  1. With the spring split coming to a close, I can’t help but think back to the beginning of the season. There were plenty of overreactions as well as terrible predictions: 100 Thieves hype train followed by the immediate question mark pings; GGS would once again be the last place team; Cloud 9 would lose without Jensen; Clutch Gaming were among the best in the LCS; etc etc etc. I am actually really happy that the Golden Guardians managed to gel and are playoff contenders. Froggen and Contractz are two of my favorite players so good for them! I as well am really proud of how well FlyQuest are doing because I thought they would do poorly.
  2. Team Liquid and Cloud 9 are exactly where I thought they would be at the end of the split: first and second place. Although TSM was more of a surprise to me, they are certainly in the race to become spring split champs as well. Their match against Team Liquid this weekend should be informative as to what we can expect if they play each other during the spring split finals. So, I expect everyone to be watching as those two teams get on the rift.
  3. 5 teams are in the fight of their lives to grab the two remaining playoff spots. GGS probably have the easiest path to one of those spots while CG have the toughest path to claim a spot. In other words, Golden Guardians only have to win one of their games this weekend to guarantee their spot in playoffs. CG on the other hand have to win both of their games, and even if they manage to do that, I am actually not 100% sure they could make it into playoffs. Echo Fox are looking really strong this past weekend so I am predicting Golden Guardians and FOX to grab the remaining playoff spots.
  4. For those of you LCS bettors, be cautious with your betting this weekend. The top teams that have already made playoffs have less to play for than the teams still hunting for a spot. We have already seen an upset last weekend with FlyQuest beating Team Liquid. Perhaps Clutch Gaming manage to pull off an upset against TSM this weekend, or perhaps 100 Thieves come alive in the last week to ruin CLG’s chances of securing a playoff spot. So bet with that in mind.
  5. My final thought is of gratitude! I want to give my readers a special thanks as I write this content for y’all! I hope you have enjoyed all of my match predictions, post-match analysis, and other LCS commentary. I have had so much fun writing these posts, and I plan to continue to make regular posts the entire 2019 season! So, see y’all this Friday for my final LCS match prediction post of the 2019 spring split.

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