LCS Week 8 Match Predictions

The race to playoffs is on as we enter the second to last week of the split!

Both Team Liquid and Cloud 9 are all-but-locked into first and second. TSM have more than likely secured a spot for themselves as well. So who does that leave for the remaining 3 spots?

Let’s be honest. Unless crazy shenanigans occur in the last two weeks, Echo Fox and 100 Thieves are already out of the race. 100 Thieves have 100 problems that they cannot fix overnight, and Echo Fox have also been struggling recently.

That leaves FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, Optic Gaming, Clutch Gaming, and Counter Logic Gaming to fight for the remaining three spots.

And with all that in mind, let’s take a look at the first day of week 8.

Match Predictions Day 1:

  • OPT vs CLG – OPT 65%: CLG 35% – OPTWIN
  • CG vs TL – CG 30%: TL 70% – TLWIN
  • FOX vs C9 – FOX 25%: C9 75% – C9WIN
  • TSM vs GGS – TSM 50%: GGS 50% – GGSWIN
  • FLY vs 100 – FLY 70%: 100 30% – FLYWIN
  1. CLG and Optic are two of the teams fighting for one of the coveted spots into playoffs. Unfortunately for CLG, they have shown terrible early games and team synergy while Optic is on the rise. With Crown in the mid lane, this team is a good underdog to follow. I predict OPT beating CLG by abusing Darshan and CLG’s jungle.
  2. Uh Team Liquid is too strong. Enough said. But seriously, this team is too good. Clutch Gaming are doing better recently, but Doublelift and the gang completely roll CG. Ez game.
  3. With Rush coming back into the lineup, Echo Fox will be able to put up a better fight against C9. But, unless he can pull off some crazy plays, C9 easily handles the foxes. And I just don’t think that will happen. No matter if Sven or Blaber is in the jungle for C9, Licorice and Sneaky and Nisqy will beast their respective lanes and win the game for Cloud 9. C9 beat FOX in an aggressive early game.
  4. This game is probably the most interesting match for me on day 1. Although I am sure that their fans would flame me, TSM have more weaknesses than people might think. They are winning their games, but they are not doing so in a particularly convincing way. This inability to control their games creates question marks around TSM. Meanwhile, the Golden Guardians are a much better team compared to the beginning of the split. They also happened to beat TSM the first time these two teams played each other. I am predicting an upset here with Golden Guardians edging out Team Solo Mid in a very close game!
  5. I mean, FlyQuest wins. They must beat 100 Thieves to keep competitive in the race for playoffs. Good thing 100 Thieves have massive problems. FLY beats 100.

Let’s go into day 2 of week 8 now.

Match Predictions Day 2:

  • GGS vs CG – GGS 55%: CG 45% – GGSWIN
  • C9 vs OPT – C9 65%: OPT 35% – C9WIN
  • 100 vs FOX – 100 45%: FOX 55% – FOXWIN
  • TL vs FLY – TL 70%: FLY 30% – TLWIN
  • CLG vs TSM – CLG 35%: TSM 65% – TSMWIN

Things of note!

If my predictions are correct, Golden Guardians will have a 2-0 week. This is significant in the race for playoffs because if GGS do get the 2-0, they have a good chance to secure one of the remaining playoff spots.

Clutch Gaming would unfortunately have a 0-2 week, which places them on the outskirts of the playoff race.

So, the remaining two spots would go to TSM and FlyQuest, and that result is what I am predicting. TL, C9, TSM, FLY, GGS, and OPT get into playoffs.

Thanks for reading! Let’s hope for a great LCS week 8!

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