International Power Rankings Are Ridiculous

ESPN loves to make power ranking lists of the best teams from around the world. In their most recent ranking, they have picked 5 teams from the LPL, 3 teams from the LCK, 1 team from the LEC, and 1 team from the LCS. This ranking then suggests that the two most prominent Asian regions, the LPL and LCK, consist of the top global teams. If you haven’t seen the rankings, here is the link –

Now, I cannot argue that Griffin does not deserve the number one spot on that list. Griffin are a terrific team in every facet of league especially when it comes to their shotcalling that is piloted by their jungler and team leader Tarzan. Their series with SKT was perhaps the most legendary best of 3 series ever, and I cannot wait to see how they match-up against teams from other regions.

However, any international power rankings list is pure speculation at this point in the year. Since there has not been any international competition since worlds, there is no clear indication of how LCS teams will compare against LPL, LEC, or LCK teams. If anything, perhaps worlds can be used as a reference to flip the ratio of ESPN’s power rankings list in favor of LEC and LCS teams. I mean, the final four in worlds consisted of three western teams and only one eastern team. Food for thought!

Not only is an international power rankings list pure speculation and way too premature, but it is simply ridiculous. I get that ESPN want to appeal to everyone around the world, but cmon man! At least wait for MSI so that we can better understand which regions have the best teams. Until MSI, this list is essentially meaningless.

If you are interested in the best teams from different regions, watch entire games from different regions featuring those teams of interest.

Personally, I always think that LCS look weak compared to other regions around the world. But hey, Cloud 9 wrecked expectations last year at worlds so I can’t wait for MSI to see how TL or C9 compare against the other regions.

Thanks for reading and see y’all on Friday!

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