LCS Week 7 Match Predictions

I finished last week with a 7-3 record because FlyQuest trolled me hard. However, TSM vs C9 was the best game I have seen in a long time, and I was able to make the correct prediction that C9 would win. So, I forgive FLY for trolling.

This week should be just as entertaining as the past couple weeks so let’s take a look at day 1 of week 7.

Match Predictions Day 1:

  • GGS vs CLG – GGS 65%: CLG 35% – GGSWIN
  • C9 vs TL – C9 48%: TL 52% – TLWIN
  • TSM vs 100 – TSM 75%: 100 25% – TSMWIN
  • CG vs FLY – CG 60%: FLY 40% – CGWIN
  • FOX vs OPT – FOX 40%: OPT 60% – OPTWIN
  1. Both the golden squad and CLG are feast or famine teams – there are games where they look really good, and then there are other games where I wonder if I am watching academy instead of the LCS. GGS has impressed me more than CLG so I am leaning towards the guardians to win this game. If CLG have a good pick/ban phase, they could win. But I think that GGS take care of business and beat a struggling Counter Logic Gaming.
  2. I have been waiting for this rematch since they played in the first game of the split. Team Liquid vs Cloud 9 is a match that you cannot miss. I think this game will be extremely close (hence the close win percentage). Both teams have individual players who have solid mechanics that gain small leads that turn into bigger leads. They also have great shotcallers that understand when to engage/team fight/start baron. Last week I picked C9 to beat TSM and they pulled off an amazing comeback. This week I am picking TL to beat Sneaky and company.
  3. TSM win this game easily. 100 Thieves need something special to happen with their squad if they want a chance to make it to playoffs. They are struggling big time in every aspect of the game. TSM roll easily with Bjergsen, BB, and Zven.
  4. FlyQuest let me down big time this past week. They have lost their last 4 games. Honestly, you never know what you are going to get with FlyQuest, and I believe them to be on the decline. On the other hand, Clutch Gaming is doing better in past weeks. I am leaning towards them as they are strategy innovators AND they usually don’t troll me. CG wins this one in a closeish match.
  5. I flipped a coin for this one…

Honestly, the power rankings in the LCS are as follows: TL, C9, and TSM are on top with the rest of the teams in an unimportant order after those three (100 Thieves are at the very bottom though). This little fact about the fiesta region means that match predictions are rough when two of the middle pack teams face each other. For example, Echo Fox and Optic Gaming from day 1.

Now, let’s take a look at the second day of games.

Match Predictions: Day 2

  • TL vs GGS – TL 75%: GGS 25% – TLWIN
  • FLY vs FOX – FLY 55%: FOX 45% – FLYWIN
  • OPT vs TSM – OPT 35%: TSM 65% – TSMWIN
  • 100 vs C9 – 100 15%: C9 85% – C9WIN
  • CLG vs CG – CLG 40%: CG 60% –CGWIN

There are no games that are super interesting on the second day. Team Liquid, Cloud 9, and TSM should roll their games. The other games are a toss up. I predict FlyQuest to win today because I don’t think they have another 0-2 week. Clutch Gaming beats CLG because CLG low-key sucks right now.

Let’s all hope that this weekend of games is another entertaining one! See y’all on Twitter!

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