The Week of Throws

I do not believe that you would be able to count on one hand the amount of throws we saw this past weekend. But let’s go ahead and try.

  1. In the very first game of the weekend, Clutch Gaming was more than 8k gold up on 100 Thieves. Huni and Lira had completely smashed the early game allowing CG to take a massive lead. Unfortunately, the fiesta began when they were too scared to attempt the baron, and thus little-by-little, they lost their massive lead. 100 Thieves looked poised and ready to win, but then they made their own terrible mistake and the fiesta ensued with CG back in it. At the end of the game though, Clutch threw a bit more than 100 Thieves allowing the latter team to win the clown-fiesta match. So, there were at least three in total, but we will be simple and chalk it up to all one giant throw.
  2. The second game of day 1 was better because at least TSM was pushing their one and only win condition in the splitting Ryze. Echo Fox had a sizable lead yet TSM ran them around the map like headless chickens. Eventually, the foxes (or chickens I suppose) were not able to keep pace with Broken Blade and Bjeardsen, and threw the game to TSM. Some might not call this a throw, but considering how fiesta-like it was, I am going to declare it as such. That’s 2 throws now.
  3. Game number 3 of day 1 also did not disappoint in our count. Golden Guardians were able to go up early on Cloud 9 despite C9 being the better team. Perhaps it was Blaber or perhaps it was GGS’s early composition that gave them the lead. Then, C9 began the comeback off a couple mistakes that the guardians made. Before long, the game was over. Throw number 3 goes to the golden guardians.
  4. Moving on to day 2, although 100 Thieves had a large lead in their Riven, Golden Guardians were smashing in all other lanes. With the win conditions clear for both teams, Zoe and the rest of GGS were too much for Riven and 100 Thieves. Not necessarily a throw, but I am going to add it the list as Riven could have easily carried the thieves to a victory.
  5. Finally, TSM vs C9 was the best game I have seen in a long time. I was pacing and shouting at the game while my wife chuckled at me. TSM were stomping until they made one crucial mistake in the last two minutes of the game. Bjergsen was split from the majority of his team and attempted to land some poke. Unfortunately for him, he went way too far forward with no flash, and C9 capitalized on the play winning the team fight and the game. TSM’s throw brings the count up to 5.

Let me just say that I give a certain amount of credit to all the teams that won this weekend as most of them played well from behind. However, mistakes always lead to throws, and throws always lead to losing.

So, I was wrong – you could actually count the throws on one hand.

Although 5 throws is a clown fiesta weekend, the games were extremely entertaining to watch. The LCS is picking up steam as we move into week 7. See y’all on Friday!

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