LCS Week 6 Match Predictions

The first week of the second half of the split is here! With the three most dominant teams on top of the standings, is there any team to threaten them?

FlyQuest clearly has the ability to secure a clean early game lead, but they always seem to fall off in the mid game.

100 Thieves has been an extreme disappointment compared to their preseason hype, and they have yet to show any promising gameplay.

Sure, Optic had their first 2-0 weekend this past week, but they have two hard matchups this week.

Week 6 is a crucial step towards playoffs for many teams. Let’s get into the predictions.

Match Predictions: Day 1

  • TSM vs FOX – TSM 75%: FOX 25% – TSMWIN
  • GGS vs C9 – GGS 20%: C9 80% – C9WIN
  • CLG vs FLY – CLG 35%: FLY 65% – FLYWIN
  • OPT vs TL – OPT 15%: TL 85% – TLWIN
  • CG vs 100T – CG 45%: 100T 55% –100WIN
  1. We know they are good, but TSM are also beginning to look like a consistent team, which is something that you could not say about them for the past two years. Yes, TSM has a lot of talent this year, and they are fighting for the top spot in the league. Echo Fox does not stop TSM in their hunt for first or second. TSM roll as they snowball an early lead.
  2. Cloud 9 is my wife’s favorite team. She has memorized all the players names, and her favorite player is “Sven” in the jungle. My wife has one prerequisite for the teams that she cheers for: they must consistently win. C9 have a great combination of early aggression, intelligent shotcalling, and great macro play that make them quite unstoppable. C9 win against a decent GGS team.
  3. I think it is safe to say that CLG are in trouble. After the 9.3 patch changes, Counter Logic Gaming have been struggling in every phase of the game especially the early phase. FlyQuest excel in the first 20 minutes of the game so they have a strong advantage in this matchup. FLY get a snowball lead and transition this lead into a win.
  4. Team Liquid is the best team in the LCS. CoreJJ leads the team with incredible shotcalling that provides TL with great engagements to win each team fight they start. Although Optic secured their first 2-0 this past weekend, they are unfortunately outmatched in this match. Team Liquid secure their 10th win against OPT.
  5. The last game of day 1 is an interesting match as both teams have had their struggles. Clutch Gaming are searching for an identity while being unafraid of trying new strategies. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves had multiple lackluster performances in the first half of the split, which could be due to them being disconnected as a team. However, with 10 games played together, Aphro and Bang should be playing with more synergy, and I believe that they can take down a struggling CG team. 100 Thieves win in a close game.

With that analysis for day 1, let’s look at the second day of games.

Match Predictions: Day 2

  • FLY vs OPT – FLY 55%: OPT 45% – FLYWIN
  • C9 vs TSM – C9 55%: TSM 45% – C9WIN
  • TL vs CLG – TL 85%: CLG 15% – TLWIN
  • 100T vs GGS – 100T 45%: GGS 55% – GGSWIN
  • FOX vs CG – FOX 55%: CG 45% – FOXWIN

The only match that I want to talk about is the TSM vs C9 game. Both teams are looking great, but there can only be one winner. My money is on C9 this match as I think they have an advantage in their macro shotcalling. I believe that they will be able to match TSM’s early aggression and play a great mid to late game. The laning phase will be interesting as each of the lane matchups should be fun to watch. Ultimately, C9 gets the win after a hard fought game on both sides.

If all my predictions are correct, FlyQuest, C9, TL, and 100 Thieves secure themselves a 2-0 this weekend. However, there could be plenty of surprises as we head into week 6!

Thanks for reading! See y’all on twitter this weekend.

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