LCS Teams Finally Understand How To Utilize Sylas

Sylas the unshackled has an interesting allure. With the ability to steal his opponents ultimates, many players consider Sylas refreshing and fun to play.

Unfortunately for the LEC, European teams that pick Sylas are still losing with him. In fact, he has a clean (but not really) 0-6 record. Oof.

Meanwhile, the LCS has shown the capability to win with the champion by correctly utilizing Sylas in their compositions.

In week 4 of the LCS, the champion was picked only once out of ten games played, and he ended that week with an 0-1 record. In stark contrast, Sylas showed up in 50% of the games this past weekend, and his record was 4-1. This increase in both pick and win rate is evidence that the LCS has finally figured out the Sylas secret.

LCS Sylas Success Stats:

  • He currently has a 71.4% win rate, and a KDA of – 2.29/.71/4.71. Impressive raw stats.
  • Licorice was the first player internationally to secure a win on the champion. Cloud 9 have proved they can dominate with Sylas in both the mid and top lane.
  • The three top teams according to the standings – TL, C9, and TSM – have secured at least one win with Sylas. Besides 100 Thieves, no other team has attempted to use him yet.
  • The LCS has the highest win rate with Sylas out of the 4 major regions.

Perhaps the key to correctly use Sylas is positioning him in the mid lane. Most of the teams that picked him this past weekend indeed placed him there, which resulted in a 3-1 record. The fourth win came from Team Liquid placing Sylas in the top lane.

Regardless of which team you cheer for, watching Sylas steal ult after ult is entertaining. My personal favorite Sylas highlight features Licorice stealing away the Zilean ult in time to place it on himself for the resurrect securing a major team fight for Cloud 9. Link below! The fight occurs at 39:05, and Licorice steals the ult and uses it so quickly that it’s almost impossible to see.

Thanks for reading! See y’all on Wednesday.

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