LCS Week 5 Day Match Predictions and DK Advice

Another weekend is fast approaching as we are nearly halfway through the split. Week 5 does not disappoint because there are plenty of good matchups.

Match Predictions:

  • OPT vs 100T – OPT 50%: 100T 50% – OPTWIN
  • TL vs FOX – TL 70%: FOX 30% – TLWIN
  • CG vs GGS – CG 40%: GGS 60% – GGSWIN
  • FLY vs C9 – FLY 45%: C9 55% – C9WIN
  • TSM vs CLG – TSM 60%: CLG 40% –TSMWIN
  1. It’s the upset of the day for me. 100 Thieves are lost in their own struggles appearing to have little team synergy and poor shotcalling. Bang is a world class ADC, but if they can’t properly utilize him and work as a team, his brilliant mechanics won’t mean a thing. Optic are indeed tied for the worst record in the LCS at 2-6. However, I believe that they are a better team than that losing record shows. Each of their games is relatively close that they lose to one or two simple mistakes. If they clean up those mistakes, this team will actually be pretty good. Optic Gaming wins against 100 Thieves in a close game.
  2. Team Liquid suffered their first loss of the season this past weekend to TSM. Should we be worried for the powerful squad? Nah, not in the slightest. CoreJJ has proven to be the best support in the region for his superb decision making and engages. Doublelift and Jensen are monster carries while Impact is a consistently good tank (he shouldn’t be playing a blind picked Yorrick). And unfortunately for Echo Fox, it’s not Sunday. TL wins this game at the 25 minute mark with a great team fight.
  3. Clutch Gaming are currently on a six game loss streak (yikes!). While many teams around the league have shown consistent improvement week after week, CG have yet to show any progression. In contrast with Clutch, GGS have shown remarkable development as a team. Their decision making and team synergy have improved, and they showed it last week against Team Liquid. The golden squad is one of my personal favorites in the region as all of them play with a chip on their shoulder. GGS beats CG in a game that Froggen takes over.
  4. FlyQuest vs Cloud 9 is the match of the day. Both teams have been extremely well and for good reason. C9’s roster is second to none with Nisqy their only new member in the mid lane, and his transition has been seamless. FLY’s roster sports an LCS rookie in the top lane (V1per) while the rest of their members are seasoned veterans. The game should be a close game as both teams battle for dominance. I would be very surprised if we saw Riven in the top lane because V1per has shown absolute perfection going 2-0 last week on that champion. But, anything is possible as C9 face off against FLY. C9 has the edge in this matchup, but we will see what happens.
  5. When Darshan is not on a heavy tank like Sion, CLG have struggled to find wins. TSM has improved each week, and they are finally looking like a top tier team. They should easily handle CLG yet TSM have been known to disappoint. Let’s see if they can show up against CLG and dominate the game. TSM should win fairly easy.


The first roster features Golden Gaurdians as the team. The second roster features TSM as the team. Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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