Opinion: Week 4 Was A Breath Of Fresh Air

When compared to the first three weeks, the fourth week of the LCS was by far the best for the spectators. So many different champions were played – Malphite, Jax, Riven, etc.

Many of these champions were chosen as lane counterpicks, and I am huge fan when teams can correctly punish their opponents during the drafts.

The pick/ban phase has become so important because teams can no longer blind pick a Sylas. If so, the other team will capitalize by picking a champion that hard counters the unshackled hero.

With counterpicks being prevalent in the current meta, I argue that upsets are more likely to occur, which is what we saw this past weekend: 2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I love when the “weaker” teams upset the “stronger” teams by winning the pick/ban phase.

I placed weaker and stronger in quotation marks because there is so much talent in the LCS currently that we are constantly seeing changes in the standings (with the exception of TL and C9).

100 Thieves are looking like week 1 100 Thieves – lost and unconnected as a team. They have a hard path ahead of them if they want to make playoffs.

FlyQuest and Golden Guardians are two of my personal favorites. They are the underdogs of the region that have the potential to do extremely well. If you haven’t watched FLY’s matches from this past weekend, you should. Viper’s Riven is on point, and he played her in both of their games.

Team Liquid finally lost to TSM who played a really good game of league. Not to take anything away from TSM, but when you first pick a Yorrick, expect a Jax to completely take over the game. RIP Impact.

Clutch Gaming are definitely struggling while Cloud 9 have begun to find their stride.

All in all, this split is shaping up to be entertaining and full of surprises.

Let’s hope that week 5 will continue in a similar manner to this past weekend with plenty of counterpicks and outplays!

Thanks for reading! See y’all Thursday.

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