LCS Week 4 Day 2 Match Predictions and DK Advice

The wrath of TSM proved to be true as they beat Optic Gaming in an extremely slow game that featured a Jayce on Bjergsen that broke the NA Jayce stereotype. Unfortunately, they now face Team Liquid on day 2 of the LCS.

We also saw Riven for the first time this split, and it was such a good counterpick against the Sylas. Congrats to FlyQuest for beating a rolling 100 Thieves team.

GGS even gave us a close matchup against Team Liquid!

So I said that the LCS needed to step up and give us some more entertaining games, and boy did everyone in the fiesta league deliver! 9.3 has proven to be an incredible patch when it comes to the variety of champions that can be picked. However, the bounty system is completely broken as we saw some wonky bounties on different people – TSM vs OPT game and GGS vs TL game for reference. That needs to be fixed asap, Riot Games.

Now, let’s take a look at this next day of games.

Match Predictions:

  • FOX vs 100T – FOX 40%: 100T 60% – 100WIN
  • CLG vs GGS – CLG 60%: GGS 40% – CLGWIN
  • TL vs TSM – TL 70%: FOX 30% – TLWIN
  • FLY vs CG – FLY 75%: CG 25% – FLYWIN
  • OPT vs C9 – OPT 30%: C9 70% – C9WIN

So I will be brief in my explanations.

  1. Although there is a running joke that Rush always has a 1-1 week, they are going up against 100 Thieves who are a strong team. They made a mistake with the first pick Sylas against FlyQuest, but I think they will iron that out and beat a struggling Echo Fox Team.
  2. This is an interesting matchup. Both teams have been steadily improving throughout the split and their rosters are extremely similar. I am going to give the matchup to CLG because I believe they have better team cohesion and shot-calling. However, if there were to be an upset on the second day of games, it would be this game.
  3. TSM have a slim chance to win this game as I think they are overrated. Team Liquid have continued to dominate and are still undefeated in the region. But, with G2 in the LEC taking their first loss the second day of games, is that perhaps a sign that TSM will beat TL? Not likely. Team Liquid roll Team Solo Mid.
  4. For Clutch Gaming to succeed, I think they have to replace Huni. He has shown to not be what he once was, and it’s costing CG. FlyQuest are the hot team right now, and they will beat Clutch Gaming no doubt!
  5. Cloud 9 are the second best team in my opinion. With great early aggression from Svenskeren and Zeyzal and superb team fighting, they are proving to be difficult to beat. Optic’s starting lineup is still struggling and C9 will use this to their advantage as they win in a pretty easy C9WIN.

With a 4-1 for day 1 of week 4, I am excited for day 2. Hopefully we have an exciting second day of league of legends with different champions played on the rift!

DraftKings Advice

So this advice will be brief as well. I think that FlyQuest will definitely beat Clutch Gaming tomorrow. And they are value picks. So, that means I’m taking 4 from FLY, 2 from C9, and 1 from CLG.

FlyQuest is the team I have chosen to round out my roster.

Good luck fellow fiesta lovers!!

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