LCS Week 4 Day 1 – Match Predictions and DK Advice

“We will smurf soon. TSM wrath will be swift. All these peasants thinking we aren’t good. Lmfao” – TSM’s Akaadian.

Apparently, TSM must have had an extremely great day of practice earlier in the week that elicited such a bold statement from TSM’s jungler. Whether he was joking, being serious, expressing confidence in his team, or “having a light moment with his chat” as one user on Reddit put it, this “joke” will 100% become a meme if TSM has another 0-2 this weekend. And by the way they are playing on stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose against a struggling Optic Team. But wait. Maybe their game Sunday will be easier cause they play against… Oh. Team Liquid.

Welp, at least we will get a good laugh out of Akaadian’s words.

All joking aside, I feel like the region is living up to its preferred nickname (La Casa De Fiesta) as it’s so hard for anyone to create a decent power rankings list at the moment. For me, Team Liquid is at the top, C9 probably comes next, and then all other teams follow them in an unimportant order.

Seriously though – it feels like any team can compete against any other team besides TL, which means making match predictions and giving DK advice is that much more difficult.

But the show must go on! Here are my match predictions coming into week 4.


  • TSM vs Optic – TSM 60%: Optic 40% – TSMWIN
  • GGS vs TL – GGS 25%: TL 75% – TLWIN
  • C9 vs FOX – C9 65%: FOX 35% – C9WIN
  • 100T vs FLY – 100T 55%: FLY 45% – 100WIN
  • Clutch vs CLG – Clutch 50%: CLG 50% – CLGWIN
  1. TSM (2-4) vs OPT (2-4): Even though I currently doubt that TSM is a top tier team, I am going to give them the edge in this matchup. Optic had two lackluster performances this past weekend going 0-2, which is not the stuff you want to see from your supposed starting lineup. Perhaps their struggles can be chalked up to playing for the first time on stage, but they looked too much like an academy team for me to give them much credit. TSM also had two losses this previous weekend, but they consistently have had superb early games only to fall apart in the mid game. If they can snowball their early leads and have better shotcalling and team synergy, Akaadian’s words might just ring true. TSMWIN in a potentially bloody game that could make for great DraftKings picks.
  2. GGS (2-4) vs TL (6-0): They are currently the undisputed best team in the region. Team Liquid going 6-0 the first three weeks is what you’d expect of the star studded roster, and they should only improve as the split progresses for two reasons. First, even though Doublelift and CoreJJ are the most dominant bot lane duo, they only started playing together in January. I expect them to become more synergistic and, if it’s possible, even more dominant, which is a scary thought for the rest of the bot lane duos. Second, the meta might be shifting back to classic ADC crit-champs such as Caitlyn and Tristana, which is Doublelift’s specialty. Although the Golden Guardians are looking much more cohesive as a team, they will most likely lose. TLWIN as they control the game that revolves around the mid-late game team fights.
  3. C9 (4-2) vs FOX (3-3): Fun fact – Cloud 9 is the first team worldwide that has won a game with Sylas. Rightfully so too as they are looking more and more like the team that made a run at worlds. Licorice has shown that he is a monster in the top lane while their bot lane duo, Sneaky and Zayzal, are providing a strong case as to why they are a top tier duo. Although Echo Fox are doing better than expected, they are inconsistent with their own identity. Some games are spicy, bloody fiestas while others are straight up snoozers. When they learn how to dictate the pace of games, maybe we will see a more consistent Echo Fox team. Until then, the top tier teams will always beat them. C9 beats FOX as Svenskeren bullies Rush in the jungle.
  4. 100T (3-3) vs FLY (3-3): For a time, FlyQuest seemed like they were one of the top three teams in the league. However, that belief is now in question as they took 2 losses this past weekend. I do think they are one of the better teams, but it’s a tough road for them to prove because they first face off against a much-improved 100 Thieves team. With Ssumday in the top lane playing like a monster and Bang doing flashy ADC things on the bot side, 100T is moving on up the standings. I give a slight edge to 100 Thieves, but they are on upset alert. If FLY’s Santorin can bring the heat against 100T’s Lira and Huhi, then it will be a spicy game. 100 Thieves ultimately wins in a close game that could be a DK gold mine.
  5. CG (2-4) vs CLG (3-3): Counter Logic Gaming has been playing extremely well recently behind the veteran leadership of Darshan. Although they have had a resurgence since their 0-2 start, CLG is facing a tough first game, and I do think that Huni and Damonte of CG will be hungry for a win after their 0-2 week. However, Huni has been struggling recently, and I think his struggles continue against Darshan. Thus, Clutch Gaming is also on upset alert. The game should be a close one that could go either way, but CLG should take home the win.

Since the best I have done in a single day is 3-2, I am looking forward to a good first day of league of legends games, and I am hoping to get the CLG upset win right to go 5-0 for the first time this split. North America has a lot to prove in this opening week of patch 9.3. Let’s hope that 2019 progresses to be a more entertaining season of games.

DraftKings Advice:

Finally! The betting odds must have been difficult to create for the first day of the LCS because I am pretty sure DraftKings coincides the player’s salaries with those odds. But they were uploaded today around noon so let’s dive into the rosters I have created.

These are my two favorite drafts that are both safe and have the potential to do really well. I am a fan of drafting a jungle as a captain as it saves money, and in this meta of aggression, they are typically scoring many points.

So they left one is probably the safest I’d say. Darshan has a matchup against Huni who has been struggling recently. Apollo and Hakuho, although going up against Sneaky and Zeyzal, tend to score well even when Echo Fox loses the game.

The right one is also good because it takes most of C9 players and TSM as a team. The only risky part about this is Pobelter and Santorin, but they also have been doing well regardless of FlyQuest winning or losing.

This draft is mega risky. TSM should have an easy game, but they have proven the ability to throw early leads out the window. CLG is facing CG, and as I said before, they have a good chance of beating the struggling Clutch team.

And lastly, with this draft, I am headging my bets. It’s pretty much the opposite of one of my earlier drafts that has Echo Fox beating C9. TL should easily beat GGS and Ssumday is a monster.

Good luck with your DraftKings rosters! I hope mine have helped you come up with some good ideas.

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