The Winners and Losers of Week 3

As the last game came to an end with 100 Thieves securing their first 2-0 of the split, you couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining, surprising, spicy third week of the LCS.

It was fitting that 100 Thieves finished out the weekend with a victory over CLG because they began the weekend in a close game against CG that was the most entertaining game of 2019 so far.

With a klepto/spellthiefs Zilean in the CG top lane and a hard carry Vayne in 100T bot lane, this game could not have gotten anymore spicy. As a bonus, Bang paused the game 4 minutes in because he thought the 0 cs for Huni’s Zilean was incorrect. No Bang, that was indeed the correct number of CS he had.

The weekend was also surprising as some teams exceeded expectations and climbed in the standings while other teams under performed and fell in the standings (cough TSM cough). So let’s take a look at this week winners and losers.

The current LCS standings after three weeks of games.


  1. Golden Guardians (2-4): After starting 0-4, GGS is the undisputed, ultimate winner of the week as they pulled off two upsets against OPT and TSM. Their first victory came through on Saturday as they beat a struggling Optic Gaming. Then, they shockingly beat TSM on Sunday. Their key to success was their simple drafts: tank in the top lane; aggressive, damage-dealing jungler; Karthus pressing R in the mid lane; and Ezreal as their OP ADC. How they got Sion, Karthus, and Ezreal two games in a row is beyond me, but the golden boys played extremely well and came out with 2 wins. I have been a fan of Contractz since his debut on C9, and Froggen was my preffered pro streamer to watch for the good part of 3 months so I cheer when this team does well. Unfortunately, GGS is scheduled to play the unbeaten Team Liquid to begin week 4. But who knows – maybe the underdogs can once again come away with a victory.
  2. 100 Thieves (3-3): Another example of a team starting the split with several losses, 100 Thieves was able to turn it around with their first 2-0 week. We are finally starting to see why this roster was so hyped preseason. Ssumday has now played the last three games extraordinarily well reminding everyone how dominant he is in the top lane. Bang and Aphromoo look more comfortable in the bot lane. Plus, the whole team is showing much better synergy compared to the first week, and they are only going to get better as the split continues, which is a frightening thought if you are a TSM, C9, or TL fan. I expect this team to make a run at becoming the 2019 LCS Spring Split champs so I am excited to see their progression throughout the course of the season.
  3. Team Liquid (6-0): For the third week in a row, TL is on the list of winners. I think we can now conclusively declare them to be the best team in the region. They win crush their games through individual talent and superior team fighting, and it’s difficult to say who among their roster is the most talented. My personal favorite player on TL is CoreJJ. He clearly is the best support in the LCS as he is able to make fantastic decisions throughout each phase of the game. The only remaining question is – how will they matchup internationally?
  4. Cloud 9 (4-2): C9 is another team that had their first 2-0 week this split! Everyone on their roster is playing extremely well proving that their success at worlds was not a fluke. Nisqy and Smoothie are settling in nicely with the team, and Licorice is still one of the best top laners in the LCS. Their head coach Reapered is an intelligent, effective leader that has shown he dominates the pick/ban phase. I firmly believe this team is a top 3 team in NA, and I expect them to retain their second place position as long as they don’t have any hiccups along the way.


  1. FlyQuest (3-3), TSM (2-4), and Optic (2-4): Each of these teams went 0-2 this week, and the flame that they are receiving from their fans and the LoL community is not pretty.
  • FlyQuest was thought to be the second best team in the league as they played a relatively close game against TL. The next day however, they botched their 2-3K gold lead with a baron throw that caused for the game to end rapidly as FOX went straight down their bot lane to destroy FLY’s nexus. The nickname ‘ThrowQuest’ is quickly becoming more and more true as the split progresses.
  • TSM has a whole mess of issues when the game transitions into the mid game. They look lost as they wander around the map trying their best to take and defend objectives. Furthermore, they obviously have communication issues as they are not playing together as a 5 man unit, which is made evident when Zven is basing while the rest of the team is pushing way too far up and dying in an absurd 4v5 fight. Poor TSM fanboys don’t know how to criticize their favorite team so they are calling for Zven to be replaced. I can only laugh at that. If TSM cannot create an identity for themselves, expect them to keep losing.
  • Optic Gaming is another boat entirely. For the first two weeks, their academy team was forced to play in the LCS as their starting ADC had visa issues, and they did fairly well going 2-2. So finally their starting lineup plays this past weekend, and they get absolutely steam rolled by both of their opponents. They looked worse than their academy team prompting many people to suggest that they play their backups instead of their starters. Yikes. To be fair, they have not played consistently together for the past two weeks so perhaps we will see a different Optic in week 4.

BONUS LOSER: My DraftKings advice. For me to have two consecutive trash days in DraftKings is atypical. Nonetheless, this past weekend was rough on my DK advice. 100 Thieves completely ruined my first lineup while ThrowQuest trolled me the second day. With so many surprises happening each weekend, it’s difficult to concretely pick the correct players to draft. Even so, I plan to continue forward as one bad weekend cannot ruin my drive to create and share solid DK rosters. I might end up getting creative this next weekend as I formulate new strategies.

Well, that’s it for the winners and losers of week 3. Thanks for reading and have a great week! See y’all this weekend!

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