LCS Week 3 Day 2 – The Epic Tie Breaker For Second Place

When the day starts off with a klepto/spellthiefs Zilean top lane, it’s gonna be a good day for the LCS.

However, the first game was SO spicy that the rest of the day seemed a little dull. I was literally pacing up and down, screaming like a maniac at the television while my wife told me to keep it down. The win conditions were clear on both sides, and finally after 50 minutes, the game came down to a viscous Lissandra flank that decimated Clutch’s poke comp. What a fun game that was!

But the first day of week 3 is in the books, and that means we look at what tomorrow brings.


  • FOX vs FLY – FOX 30%: FLY 70% – FLYWIN
  • CG vs C9 – CG 25%: C9 75% – C9WIN
  • TL vs OPT – TL 95%: OPT 5% – TLWIN
  • GGS vs TSM – GGS 30%: TSM 70% – TSMWIN
  • 100T vs CLG – 100T 55%: CLG 45% – CLGWIN

1) Echo Fox (2-3) vs FlyQuest (3-2): FlyQuest went toe-to-toe against the best team in the league, and while they did not come out with the win, they still can be proud for fending off the unbeaten TL roster. FLY is a team that has proven to be a playoff contender, and I think they will continue to impress us as long as LCS rookie Viper continues to shine in the top lane. On the other hand, echo fox has more-or-less done about as well as everyone thought they would – which is to say not good. Although Rush is known as a great jungler and everyone seems to love him, I think he is overconfident in his abilities and dies too frequently. FLY take the win and sit at an impressive 4-2 by the end of tomorrow.

2) Clutch Gaming (2-3) vs Cloud 9 (3-2): I have so much love for Huni and Clutch’s innovative poke comp experimentation. Although they are a fun team to watch, C9 is a top tier team in the LCS. Not only do they have excellent players, but their coach Reapered has an IQ of 1000 for his brilliant last-pick Sylas today. With great team synergy and strong individual play, C9 beats CG in style.

3) Team Liquid (5-0) vs Optic Gaming (2-3): After their game against GGS, I saw Optic’s twitter account tweet that they “look to bounce back tomorrow in our LCS match against Team Liquid.” Yikes. If there was one huge disappointment today, it was Optic Gaming. They were finally able to start their starting lineup (cause their ADC finally fixed his visa issue and made it back to the states) and the roster played an embarrassing game against Golden Guardians who was 0-4. Needless to say, 5-0 Team Liquid will absolutely crush Optic in a perfect game.

4) Golden Guardians (1-4) vs Team Solo Mid (2-3): GGS found their first win of the split against OPT so good for them! Unfortunately, the victory doesn’t mean much considering how trash their opponent was. Although GGS are looking better than the first two weeks, TSM is already looking like a playoff contender as they played a close game against C9. With BB’s spirit and leadership, TSM has high hopes for the split, and GGS will not do anything to deter them from going 3-3 to end week 3. TSM wins a decisive victory against the 1-4 team.

5) 100 Thieves (2-3) vs Counter Logic Gaming(3-2): Now this game is an interesting matchup. Both 100 Thieves and CLG started the split 0-2, but then they turned around their fortunes in week 2, and now they both are on a win streak. CLG find themselves tied for second place with a 3-2 record while 100 Thieves are only one game behind. So who wins? The answer depends on 100 Thieves and their team synergy. If 100T play like one unit, I am afraid that CLG’s 3 game win streak must come to an end Sunday. And I believe that is indeed what will happen. 100 Thieves take their new found confidence and beat CLG in a close game where Bang and Aphromoo wrecks CLG’s bot lane duo.

I hope day 2 is as spicy and interesting as day 1 was! Watching Licorice play Sylas was entertaining as he “borrowed” ult after ult from his enemies so I hope we see him some more tomorrow. I want to see 100 Thieves enable Bang and FlyQuest roll Echo Fox.

Hope y’all are enjoying my posts. As always, thanks for reading!

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