GGS vs TSM: David vs Goliath

I think you can guess which team is who in this scenario.

TSM were the big favorites at the beginning of this matchup with every desk analyst choosing them over GGS. However, the game was extremely spicy as both teams battled back and forth vying to gain a strong advantage.

The early game went to TSM as they began to pressure GGS throughout the map. Then, the mid game swung in favor to the guardians.

As the match transitioned to late game, you could see the raw strength of the GGS draft. So to understand how they won, the pick/ban phase must be analyzed.

GGS was a definite surprise this week as the 0-4 team went unbeaten this weekend against OPT and TSM. Since Optic played like trash against golden guardians, everyone thought the win was not super significant and that they would lose to TSM on the second day.

But after the pick/ban phase was finished, I tweeted out this:

First, let’s talk about the bans. TSM’s usual strategy is to try to ban out one person from the opposite team. However, their first three bans were rather useless considering they did not ban away a single OP champion. Meanwhile, GGS decided to ban away three. It’s like TSM were overconfident in their own abilities while not giving enough respect to GGS.

Okay, TSM gets the first pick and they choose Urgot, but then GGS is open to take the next two high priority picks, Sion and Aatrox. TSM responds by taking Camille and Lissandra leaving Karthus open for GGS. Then, TSM does not ban out the Ezreal to prevent GGS from the best ADC pick currently?!?! Such arrogance from TSM disregarding GGS as the weaker opponent!

Sion, Aatrox, Karthus, Ezreal, and a Tahm Kench to round out their comp. Yikes. TSM blundered big time.

By late game, GGS had a monster team fighting comp, and while TSM had their moments, the golden squad would win fight after fight until they eventually won the game.

Let this be a lesson to never underestimate your opponents.

TSM rightfully goes 0-2 while GGS finishes with their first 2-0 week perhaps ever.

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