Echo Fox Brilliance or FlyQuest Throw? You decide.

If you happened to look away for a few minutes after the baron was taken, you might have missed the end of the game.

Echo Fox was able to beat FlyQuest today in a game that ended in a blink as FOX took their baron buff and shoved it down bot lane to destroy the nexus. As they took the first two outer turrets uncontested, FlyQuest realized that they need to make their last stand. Unfortunately for the now 3-3 squad, Fenix’s Swain was way too strong for them to put up a formidable defense, and although Viper had an incredible five man Kennan ult, FOX took the game in an easy fashion.

Flabbergasted. That word comes to mind as I watched the close game end quicker than you can say FlyQuest threw the game.

So, was this game more of a showcase of how brilliant Echo Fox played?? Or, did the game end so fast because of FLY’s baron throw and lackluster last stand? It’s probably a mixture of the two.

To the credit of FOX, the swain pick was an excellent improvisation that ultimately allowed FlyQuest to get bullied around the last two minutes of the game. They as well secured early drakes that empowered the team to take out FlyQuest. Plus, Rush apparently hasn’t had a 0-2 weekend in 30 weeks. Kudos to them!

Now, let’s talk about how FlyQuest absolutely threw the game at baron. They just won a really good team fight that resulted in 3 deaths on FOX’s side while not a single champ was killed on FLY’s side. So naturally they believe that the baron is an easy take. However, this judgement call is a gross miscalculation as the two who are alive for FOX are their main damage dealers AND one of them IS A SWAIN who has an easy time of outplaying multiple enemies AKA a 1 vs 5!!

Yes, that is exactly what happens. Swain outplays all five members on FlyQuest killing two of them, which allows for Echo Fox to easily take the baron.

Then, FlyQuest completely misplays the ending two minutes as FOX comes screaming down their bot lane and dismantles their turrets completely uncontested. It would have been much smarter for FLY to stay together as a five man unit in the bot lane standing behind each turret to poke at both the minions and FOX’s champions and then make a last stand if needed.

Instead, they completely fall apart as Swain deals out massive damage to the majority of FlyQuest. Once Pobelter goes down without doing any damage, it’s GG.

With FlyQuest going 0-2 this weekend, they are a definite loser of the week.

They need to do some serious soul searching this next week of practice if they want a chance to reclaim their spot as a top team in the region.

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