Week 2 Fiesta Recap: Winners and Losers

Week 2 is officially in the books, and we find ourselves at an interesting moment in the split. With a 2-2 record, 6 teams find themselves in third place. This tie creates an interesting narrative moving forward as each team has the chance to differentiate themselves from the middle of the pack.

TL has managed to pull ahead from the rest of the organizations with a perfect 4-0 start while GGS lost another two games this weekend creating a trash 0-4 record. FLY pulled off the upset against TSM to securely claim the coveted second place. CLG had an unexpected resurgence while CG reversed their perfect 2-0 from week 1 with two losses this past weekend. And although 100T grabbed their first win, they did so in an unspectacular fashion beating out GGS only due to Ssumday’s Akali.

So who are the winners and losers from week 2? Let’s take a look.


CLG – Holy guacamole! Counter Logic Gaming came roaring back this past weekend winning both games. Although everyone considered them among the worst in the league, they surprised two good teams, FLY and C9, to bounce back from their lackluster performance in the first week. Their whole roster looked completely different: Darshan, Stixxay, Wiggily, the whole squad. They must have had a heart-to-heart last week that created an enormous dish of inspiration and positivity. In case you missed it, Darshan was visibly bursting with enthusiasm and energy at the end of each of their matches yelling “let’s go!” while pumping up his teammates. Suffice it to say that this team experienced a much needed rebirth that I would like to continue. One last fun fact – in each of their games this weekend, they drafted Sion, Ezreal, and Tahm Kench so perhaps their opponents in week 3 might catch onto that little tidbit.

TL – Yeah, they are 4-0. In the words of Doublelift, everyone else is trash.

As an honorable mention, FlyQuest was able to upset TSM on the second day. They are in second place currently and have the chance to make a run at first as they face off against TL the first day of week 3.


GGS – Welp, you all knew this was coming. This poor team is struggling in many facets of the game, and although I think they have shown improvement from the first to second week, the change is marginal and they have a long split ahead of them if they cannot pull it together. However, in various interviews, their players continue to remain positive about their abilities so maybe they pull a CLG and change their fortunes in the weeks to come. Easier said than done though.

NA Victor – I could dedicate an entire post as to why I think all teams in this fiesta region should be banned from playing Victor. He is literally such a troll, fiesta pick that if ever a team picks him in the draft, I expect them to lose. Among all the players who have played him thus far, he has a 2-6 record and a combined 4-19-23 KDA. Although he is supposed to win lane, let’s consider the CG vs TSM game where he absolutely was crushed against BB’s Aatrox. I understand that he is a good team fighter, but the current meta favors aggression and skirmishes, and Victor is way too immobile for those conditions. I am always confused when I see him on any draft, and let it be noted that TL has never picked him. Be like TL – do not pick Victor.

That’s it for the week 2 recap! Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment below or message us on twitter about your thoughts, questions, and comments about the blog.

See y’all in a couple days with my week 3 day 1 match predictions and DK rosters!

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