Week 1, Day 2 of the LCS – Predictions and My DK Draft

First off, let me just say there were a lot of surprises on the first day of the LCS and a lot of insight into which teams are strong and which teams are trash. TSM has shown up to the fiesta ready to play, and they honestly played a methodical game. Honestly, they won before the game even started in the draft with their zilean pick – 100 Thieves had no ability to deal with zilean’s ult. That pick combined with zven’s ezreal absolutely dominated the discombobulated and lost 100T. 

FlyQuest was a pleasant surprise beating a much hyped up GGS team – it’s always good to see the old wildturtle performing well in the LCS. #GoTurtle 

But enough of that analysis – I will do another post on Monday that ties up nicely what we saw in the first week of the casa de fiesta. Let’s get onto my predictions for the second day of the LCS.


  • OPT vs FlyQuest – OPT 45%: FlyQuest 55% – FlyQuest wins
  • C9 vs 100T – C9 80%: 100T 20% – C9 wins
  • CLG vs TL – CLG 10%: TL 90% – TL wins
  • CG vs TSM – CG 30%:TSM 70% – TSM wins
  • FOX vs GGS – FOX 40%: GGS 60% – GGS wins

TSM, C9, and TL are my top tier teams, and thus, I think those teams handle their games fairly easily. OPT vs FlyQuest should be an interesting game, a close game. It’s honestly a pickem, but I favor FQ in that game simply because they beat GGS on the first day with a strong draft and a great LoL game played. The last game, FOX vs GGS, the latter team should have the advantage based on their roster. 


For the draft tomorrow, I immediately see that C9’s roster is super cheap. I know that 100T looked a little lost in yesterday’s game so C9’s players are some good picks. Picking up three C9 players allows my remaining drafting salary to pickup 4 TL players. So, this draft is simple – C9 and TL. You could also pickup some TSM players if you wanted. The other two games (GGS vs FOX and OPT vs FlyQuest) are bit of a mystery and I would stay away from those players. So here is my ideal draft for tomorrow: 

Sneaky as my captain.

Licorice as my top.

Xmithie as my jungle. 

Jensen as my mid.

Doublelift as my ADC.

CoreJJ as my support.

And C9 as my team. 


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