Week 1, Day 1 LCS Match Predictions and DraftKings Picks,

Since this is the first week and day of the LCS, these predictions and picks might well be off according to how each team either underperforms or outperforms expectations for them. Also, more so than other past seasons, there are SO many teams that have question marks surrounding them. With that being said, we move into my prediction for the first games of the LCS.


  • TL vs C9 – TL 55%: C9 45% – TL wins
  • 100T vs TSM – 100T 80%: TSM 20% – 100T wins
  • CLG vs Optic – Optic 60%: CLG 40% – Optic wins
  • FlyQuest vs GGS – FQ 35%:GGS 65% – GGS wins
  • CG vs EF – CG 60%: EF 40% – CG wins

Like I said, there are a lot of question marks for this split, and this first day of games will provide many of the answers. Thus, there is no game besides the 100T game in which I have extreme confidence in the outcome. The TL game and C9 game should be a really good game, and although the winner will most likely be TL, the game should be closer than people think. Now let’s get into the DraftKings contest.


The first thing that I noticed about the team salaries is that the algorithms of DraftKings basically think that C9 is going to get stomped tomorrow. I, however, disagree. I think that TL vs C9 game will be MUCH closer than TL just wiping C9 off the map. Thus, this game could definitely be an upset, and therefore, the cost of C9’s players are all going to be extremely cheap. With that in mind, the only game that I am certain about is the 100T vs TSM game. DK has all salaries of 100T players the second highest, but I think that drafting four (the max number of picks you can have from a single team) from their team is the best way to go. That leaves us three other picks. Depending on how you draft, I had to pick up one member from C9, Licorice, and two picks from GGS, the other team that should do well. Really, if you believe that C9 have a chance, if you draft one or two players from C9’s roster, you can do anything really with the remaining salary. 

For me, I am content with this draft: 

Captain – Aphromoo

Top – Licorice

Jungle – AnDa

Mid – HuHi

ADC – Bang

Sup – Olleh

Team – Golden Guardians

I will admit that it is always a bit of a gamble selecting a support as your captain, but when the support is a solid player who should get involved with the majority of the kills (and perhaps pick up some kills himself), then it is a calculated risk because of the amount of money that you save for other picks.

Like I said, there are a few other good potential picks, but for this first day, I am going to leave this post here. Hopefully these predictions and picks are good ones! We shall see! 


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