LCS Week 3 Day 1 Match Predictions and DK Advice

With more than half the teams coming into Saturday with a record of 2-2, the scene is set for the tie for third place to be broken. 

It is a great weekend for teams to differentiate themselves from the middle of the pack. Will CLG continue its 2 game win streak? Will FlyQuest upset the best team in the league? Not likely, but as proven this past Sunday, it’s still early in the split and anything is possible. 

Let’s take a look at five things you need to know before Saturday.


  • 100T vs Clutch – 100T 35%: Clutch 65% – CGWIN
  • FLY vs TL – FLY 25%: TL 75% – TLWIN
  • TSM vs C9 – TSM 35%: C9 65% – C9WIN
  • FOX vs CLG – FOX 45%: CLG 55% – CLGWIN
  • GGS vs OPT – GGS 25%: OPT 75% – OPTWIN

1) 100 Thieves (1-3) vs Clutch Gaming (2-2): 100 Thieves will face off against one of the six teams with a 2-2 record in Clutch Gaming. Although CG began the split with an impressive 2-0 start, they fizzled out last week dropping both games. It is clear that just Damonte doing well on akali is not enough to win the game (at least, not unless TSM throws the game). The American mid laner needs some help from his teammates, particularly Huni who was once regarded as one of the best top laners in the world. If he can revert back to his days of strong mechanics and ballsy plays, Clutch should have no problem beating 100 Thieves who finally managed to get their first win against GGS this past Sunday. In the post-match interview with Aphromoo, the stellar support appeared to be displeased with their unimpressive win. He even admitted that they had a ton of problems to work on, and although he would not name them, it is obvious that there is a major synergy issue among their roster. If CG is for real, they should have no problem taking down two-time world champion Bang and his squad

2) FlyQuest (3-1) vs Team Liquid (4-0): FLY’s record might suggest that the team could be compared to TL’s roster in skill and ability. However, that would be an erroneous and shortsighted implication. Team Liquid is currently playing a tier level above any other team in the region including FlyQuest. The reigning NA LCS champs are on a 4 game winning streak that does not appear to be threatened by any organization in the league. I give FlyQuest a 25% chance to beat them because they are playing fairly well. Plus, Pobelter got dropped from TL in the offseason so perhaps he will be playing with greater intensity for revenge against his former team. But, it’s not super likely if Doublelift and CoreJJ have anything to say about it. The bot lane duo is the most fearsome couple in North America and even beyond. Team Liquid wins this game around 35 minutes. 

3) TSM (2-2) vs C9 (2-2): This matchup is a rivalry game as both of these organizations are among the oldest in the region. Both teams had a 1-1 past week so it is difficult to say who will come out on top. TSM is looking inconsistent as TSM has looked for the past year. In one game, Zven puts up extraordinary numbers on Ezreal. During their next game, they get picked apart by FlyQuest even when Bjergsen is on his classic Syndra. Inconsistency is the bane of TSM. C9, however, has been playing well. I believe they lost their last match due to a terrible decision to last-pick Victor. As long as they do not repeat this mistake, they should be fine. C9 wins this game in 30 minutes.

4) FOX (2-2) vs CLG (2-2): Woo! Another 2-2 matchup! I am interested to watch this game for the “is CLG for real?” factor. They certainly came storming back this past weekend winning both their matches. Although they played extremely well, we need to see more of this squad to say they are the real deal. I am hopeful for them, but who knows – they could just let their fans down again. On the other hand, I feel like Echo Fox is that team that you don’t know anything about yet still finds a way to win some matches while losing others. They are like one of those many teams in the NBA that when you look at the standings, you’re like “how’d they get there again? And who is on their squad?” The only memorable player on their roster is Rush who is a fan favorite. Anyways, CLG use their momentum from last weekend to win this matchup in a bloody game where fiestas abound. 

5) GGS (0-4) vs OPT (2-2): If Optic is not one of the 3-2 teams by the end of Saturday, they have a serious problem. Although all of the players on GGS continue to do interviews swearing that their record does not reflect ability, I’m calling bs. Until they win a game, I cannot take them seriously. They clearly have macro issues that need to be fixed before they reverse their fate. When that will be is anyone’s guess though. Optic wins this game. On a side note, I want to see Optic’s main roster soon!

Even though Saturday will be a 2-2 tie breaker, there will be numerous teams going into Sunday with a 3-2 record as well a 2-3 record. So, here’s to a whole weekend of breaking ties!


This past Saturday was a really good day for my DK roster while Sunday was a major dud. So hopefully I can have a clean weekend with two great rosters. So let’s take a look at the team’s prices. 

Unfortunately, TL has the highest salary even though they are facing a 3-1 team (BOO!).

OPT gets a high salary for playing against GGS. Echo Fox and CLG have the middle salaries.

100 Thieves is supposedly the favorites going into the game against Clutch Gaming. 

So. In my opinion, clutch gaming will beat 100 Thieves. Hopefully the game will be bloody as to rack up the DK points for that game. This means that clutch’s roster comes at a discounted price. 

Once you have a few of CG’s players, it’s easy to take almost anyone else: TL, C9, OPT. Pick the players you believe will do the best (that’s TL for me). 

CLG also looks pretty juicy as I believe they take down FOX. 

That is my main strategy for Saturday. If you’d like to see some screenshots of a couple good rosters, DM me on twitter or send me an email.

Thanks for reading! I hope we all have an entertaining and fortunate day of games! Talk to y’all later!

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