LCS Week 2, Day 1 – Match Predictions and DK Rosters

The first week of the LCS was an incredible start to the split, a beginning that provided many answers as to the best and worst teams of the league. Although several questions surrounding the organizations were explained, the second week should give us an even clearer picture as to which teams are straight fiestas and which teams are the real deal. Will TSM throw again, and are the three worst teams of the league really GGS, CLG, and 100T?

The three teams with a perfect record are TL, FlyQuest, and Clutch Gaming. But which of these teams will remain undefeated through week 2? TL and Clutch Gaming face off against each other on the second day of games so one of them will continue in perfection while one of them accepts a loss. But first, each of these perfect teams must get through the games on day 1. So let’s take a look at my match predictions.


  • FOX vs TSM – FOX 30%: TSM 70% – TSMWIN
  • C9 vs GGS – C9 90%: GGS 10% – C9WIN
  • 100T vs TL – 100T 10%: TL 90% – TLWIN
  • FLY vs CLG – FLY 85%: CLG 15% – FLYWIN
  • CG vs OPT – CG 70%: OPT 30% – CGWIN

The three middle games are no brainers – C9 is looking good, GGS is not; TL is no doubt the best team right now while 100T is among the worst; and FLY is showing team coordination and should easily roll CLG. 

Now, the first game, TSM vs FOX, should be a TSM win AS LONG as they do not play like they did against CG. Which, considering what they will have learned during that game, I cannot imagine that they make the same mistake again. Also, BB is playing like a monster and I think he will do really well against FOX’s top lane. Bjeardson is looking strong and confident while zven had a monster first game. But, TSM is TSM. So be careful with this one. 

The last game, CG vs OPT, might be interesting to see if OPT replaces any of their academy roster with their supposed starters. Either way though, I would still take CG over them. I think that CG are in a better spot mentally right now with their confidence and their play style while I think that there could be signs of toxicity among Optic’s players (take a look at meteos twitter). 


With my match predictions in mind, I have created several rosters that I will share with y’all and let you decide which roster to pick. 

Team Liquid’s salary on Saturday is priced rather cheaply, and as you can see above, they are most definitely going to win. Each player has the potential to get 20+ points. 

The other game I am focused on is TSM vs FOX. I think that TSM’s players will do well against FOX. Hopefully they can rack up the points with many team fights that span over the entirety of the game. 

Another potential game could be the OPT vs CG game because a couple of OPT’s players could do well, such as crown in the midlane. And then there are a variety of individual players that have shown to do well during the first two days of the LCS.

Each of these drafts have individual strengths and weaknesses.

Some of them are riskier than the others. But I think that each of these could do potentially do very well.

Each of these drafts features TSM as my team pick as I expect them to win slowly and rack up a lot of points.

You can decide though which one you like best.


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