Week 1 of the LCS – The Winners and Losers

Week 1 of the LCS is in the books, and oh boy, it was an amazing start to the split! TSM is back in form with BB in that top lane – but then they had the CG hiccup. TL is still looking like the team to beat while the hype around 100 thieves and Golden Guardians could have been way premature. C9’s sneaky on ezreal had some memorable ult snipes on the first two games he played so hats off to him. 

So, who are the winner and losers of week 1 of la casa de fiesta??


TSM: Honestly, I was a doubter based on what they did in 2018, but I am so glad they proved me wrong. The additions of smoothie, BB, and akaadian are top notch pickups. Broken Blade played out of his mind with solo kills on both Huni and Ssumday  wait, never mind. I  am writing this while the CG vs TSM game is happening so I am recalculating as I type. T.T

Clutch Gaming: Welp. They went 2-0 so they must be a winner of week 1. How they beat TSM in that second game when TSM had a STRONG early lead over them is surreal. But then again, they did have akali who is one of the most OP picks right now so there is the lesson – if you are on the red side, you must ban akali away from the blue side. With that being said, I think CG is better than people thought. Granted they did face Echo Fox who is not the strongest, but hey, credits to CG for going 2-0 in the first week.

FlyQuest: Holy cow, with such an aggressive roster swap during the offseason, I thought they would do rather poorly throughout the split. However, they beat a much hyped up Golden Guardians team in their first game with incredible synchronized plays as well as a draft that featured three giant meatballs who were giant cc monsters in the late game. Then, they beat a good looking optic (academy) team. They are a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to see how well they do during the split (I’ve always been a fan of wildturtle). 

TL: CoreJJ and Jensen offseason pickups – enough said.


100 Thieves: I was totally on the bandwagon of this boss roster. Then they played. And wow, they looked like a fiesta team. I will give them a bit of the benefit of the doubt that they played TSM and C9 who are among the stronger LCS teams. But even having played these top tiered teams, they looked lost and indecisive – they basically watched as both TSM and C9 dismantled tower after tower and eventually their base. The good news is that they have no where to go but up, and in the long run, I think they will do well. I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Golden Guardians: Similar to the 100 Thieves situation, GG(S) had SO much hype around them with almost everyone saying they were a playoff contender. They showed the exact opposite on stage. As of right now, they are among the worst teams in the fiesta league right now. They definitely need a lot of magic to become the team everyone thought they would be, and at this point, I am not sure I believe they can reach that point. 

My Predictions Through Week 1

Going 6-4 for the first week of the LCS is not too shabby. I think this split is going to be an interesting one – there are several good looking teams that will fight for a top spot in the league. That combined with the teams who might have the chance to slowly improve until they are strong teams gives me hope that this split will be one to remember. 

Team Tier List


A: C9

A-: FlyQuest


C: 100T, GGS, Echo Fox, CLG

We need to see a bit more from FlyQuest to be able to say they are top notch team like C9 or TL, but they are definitely moving in the right direction. They have a robust roster that has a good mix of rookies and veterans that are doing really well. I also like the way they have drafted thus far, particularly in the first game. We also need to see CG some more before we can say they are the real deal, which is why they are in the B group alongside TSM. 

DraftKings Picks

Not going to lie, my drafts for the first week of the LCS did not go as planned. I thought I had a fairly decent draft for the second day, but C9 and TL won way too fast before they were able to rack up the points. Now that we have a copious amount of insight into the teams, I will hopefully be able to pick better drafts moving forward. However, I am not sure I liked showing a screenshot of my draft because I noticed that 5 other people had the exact same draft as me on the second day. Coincident or not, I think I will refrain from showing my draft like that. I still plan on giving my analysis on what could be a good draft, but I will not show a screenshot of my best draft. 

Looking forward to the rest of the fiesta season! As a side note, I think I will mainly focus my time on making posts, predictions, and picks for the LCS. Doing both the LEC and LCS might be a bit too much for me to do alone. Let me know in the comments if y’all would like me to do something different or how I can improve! See y’all next week! 

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